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they only seem asleep.
Fire kisses them,
water touches them
with her ribbon
and they shimmer,

— Pablo Neruda
Neruda’s Garden: An Anthology of Odes

2014 Farm News

Seed packets are for sale year round. We’ve added new varieties!

King Sieg Leek blossoms are attractive to a honey bee.
King Sieg Leek blossoms are
attractive to a honey bee.

If there’s anything I’ve learned about the life of farming, plans change. Such was the case for 2013. I made a grand plan for Canyon Bounty Farm and eventually made my peace with it: no retail greenhouse business, lots of seed contracts and new wheat varieties to trial.

All of these decisions were made on the law of averages. The doctors told us my husband might have a kidney transplant in Dec. 2013 (based on the average wait for someone of his blood type, etc.) So I just bumped that wait period into this year thinking the transplant might happen sometime in the first quarter of 2014.

Well the kidney transplant happened in the thick of farm harvest: September 2013. What a ride that was. Thanks to generous family, friends and a superior employee, Sarah Johnson, the crops got harvested. So my plan got thrown out the window, and I’m making a new one. I’m seeking some kind of balance between caretaker and farmer. With that said, I have no plans to grow any greenhouse starts this year. I’m doing a limited number of seed contracts (due to short irrigation water year) and will stay the course with my wheat and whole wheat flour business.

I’m still having fun with the seed packet business. I focus on varieties that I feel gardeners need to try, especially those that perform well in the Treasure Valley. The vegetables also have to taste good, too. We added four new varieties this year. I don’t know what it is about pink tomatoes but Russian Rose Tomato doesn’t flinch in our heat. Devil’s Ear Lettuce is an old French variety I use to grow for Fedco Seeds. I loved its shape, coloring and heat tolerance and thought it should be added to our lineup. Texas Hummingbird Sage was always popular as flower starts here at the greenhouse so now the seeds are available for this stunning annual flower; very popular with the hummers. If you know me then you know how much I advocate for insect diversity in gardens and that’s the whole reason behind adding Bee’s Friend/Phacelia. I cannot stress how much the pollinators adored it.

Seed packets are available for sale year-round through my website or through Idaho’s Bounty, our on-line, local food hub. They can also be purchased seasonally at Cliff’s Country Market in Caldwell.

Thanks, and let’s grow good food,
phone: 208-697-6208

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